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These photos are a selection out of the many pictures I have taken of Asia girls and women. On the specific country pages (see the tabs at the bottom of this page) you can find much more pictures of Asia girls and women. These are just pictures of natural, real girls (with exception of the dancers, but they have there own grace and beauty in their movements) and not this kind of girl you see in glossy magazines. The photos of girls in magazines are not real, because visagistes work for hours on these girls and then with the computer the last ‘improvements’ are done. The sad thing is that the real girls compare themselves with these photos of these dream girls and that is of course a losing battle. Most of the girls in this selection have a kind of naturalness, friendliness, spontaneity, an aliveness ( ‘joy de vivre’), a real feminine quality about them which gives them a natural beauty and grace.

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YouTube: Beautiful lovely Asian Girls from Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam and Thailand


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