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Photos in Malaysia by Midah


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Walking in the beautiful jungle on the paradise like island of Pulau Pangkor in Malaysia a cute Chinese girl on a bicycle came to me and asked if she could take photos of me. Of course she could! She turned out to be an enthusiastic photographer like me and in my turn I asked if I could take some pictures of her. She has been born in Leshan China, a wonderful place I also had visited and which has the largest Buddha statue in the world.
I invited her to my bungalow direct on the beach and we noticed that we had a lot in common. From this first meeting a friendship has blossomed. When I saw the first photos, which Midah sent to me, I immediately noticed that Midah has talent and an original style of taking pictures. She only needed some hints and encouragement.

The most important thing is that you do what you love to do, have passion for it and believe in yourself, despite the critique of others. The ones who do always succeed. And Midah has all these qualities and you see what happened Midah has her own webpage now. This is just the start of Midah's photo webpage, more will follow soon.



Hi, may I introduce myself. I am a 21 years old Chinese girl and I am studying now (2013) the Malay language in Kuala Lumpur.
I love taking photos and I cherish the feeling if I can express, what I see and experience in a beautiful picture. Before I started with photography I learned to keep my eyes open to the world around me and to observe life from the perspective of art.
Taking pictures makes me more sensitive and active. I really enjoy also sharing photos with friends and making new friends, who are also interested in photography. I also want to learn more how to take great photos.
I would love to get some comments of you about my photos. Please sent your comments to

Many thanks in advance.


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Asia girls

It is of course very interesting to see pictures of Asia girls taken by a Chinese girl and here are some to start with.




Lisu girl

With a population of 634,912 recorded in the 2000 census, the Lisu ethnic minority mainly inhabit in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, and few in other cities within Yunnan and Sichuan. According to their clan history, they had close ties with the Yi and Naxi ethnic minorities.



Actress Anita

The actress Anita is a student in a drama college. Her clothes are called nyonya. She played the part of Anita who is a new singer in a night club. Therefore the dress is so open for a Muslim girl and she didn't wear a headscarf which in Malaysia is called tudung.



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Traditional Malay happenings like weddings and people in traditional Malay dresses

The Malay wedding will be celebrated two times, once in the home of the bride, another in the groom's family.






Kuala Lumpur Hindu festival Thaipusam



Pictures of other subjects.



As Midah said: to observe life from the perspective of art.
Isn't wonderful what you can see with this kind of outlook. Take the photo of a passing bus as an example or the cars on the highway. The photos show them in a new perspective.


All photos 2013 Midah


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