Easy Viewing Hints
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Easy Viewing Hints







Press SPACE to see it as an automatic slideshow,

Press SPACE again to stop or pause the slideshow


You can use the thumbnails to select a picture

or use the picture arrows <- -> to go back or forwards.

(Move your mouse over the picture to see the arrows. Exact position is not important)


Easy viewing is possible with turning your mouse wheel:

Towards you: next picture

From you: back

You can also use the cursor keys <- -> on your keyboard.

(or equivalent if you have a note/net book)


If you have seen a picture, the thumbnail get a little triangle in right-above corner.

The active thumbnail has a thicker cadre.

The thumbnails will scroll automatically when you browse through the pictures.



Hints for a larger picture


Normal screen

Full screen


After reading everything you can close this tab or window (depending on your browser)

and you will be back where you started.


When back press  F11 to get a full screen and enjoy the pictures


After seeing the pictures, go back to the page you initially came from

by clicking on the link after Deva Deep in the down left corner

(In this example: Thailand Home)



Then go back to the normal screen mode

by pressing F11 again