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Results of the votes for your favorite Asia girl pictures


Let me start with making you a compliment for your good taste.

I am happy to see that so many people love these pictures,

because there is so much ugly women degrading crap on the internet.

I got also several fine comments on these photos.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

This is a great inspiration to continue with this Asia girls project.

In Dec 2009/January 2010 I will go again to Malaysia and I hope to take

many more pictures of beautiful Malaysian and Indian girls and women.


Some of the feedback I got:

Refreshing to see a website devoted to BEAUTY not stereotypes.
Great, all kind of beautiful women.

Your love for these women is reflected in the way they shine on your pictures.
Very nice pictures, I like the dreamlike quality of those girls.
Very nice girls, a great inspiration for me.

The most beautiful Girl-Pictures I have ever seen!

Very beautiful this lovely and sunny outlook on the multitude of life.

It makes me happy to see all these pictures of so many girls, taken with such a loving view.
The girls look very pretty, very good pictures.
There are a lot of beautiful girls...but number 120 is my absolute favorite.

Fantastic smile, spontaneous and God, so beautiful eyes.....

CONGRATULATIONS, you have wonderful images;
such NATURAL BEAUTY is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

This does not appear to be an exploitation site, but a celebration of women. Very refreshing!

Beautiful photos, with all girls in clothes, this is a welcome change from other sites.

Incredibly beautiful photos you have taken.


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Updated: 06-08-2015


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